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The technological advancement in the field of biology and the over-specialization of health personal has led to the successful treatment of previously considered incurable conditions. Although chronic diseases have been cured successfully, the long term rehabilitations have been giving some effects to patients, which means it will disrupt the patients’ well-being. Holistic nursing care sees patients as the sum of their body (physical aspect), mind (Psychological aspect) and spirit (spiritual aspect). These aspects are dynamically interrelated. Holistic nursing practice is a nursing care,  healed the whole person to reach state of harmony between mind, body, emotions and spirit in a changing environment. The holistic approach summarizes the psychosomatic approach of a disease and expands it by putting the patient in a specific time and cultural context. It deals with his own special needs and quality of life.

Palliative nursing care puts patient’s quality of life into the aim of care. Based on WHO, palliative care is the active total care of patient’s body, mind, and spirit, and also involves giving support to the family. Ideally, palliative care services should be provided from the time of diagnosis of life – threatening illness, adapting, to the increasing needs of chronic disease patients and their families as the disease progresses into terminal phase. It also provides support to families in their bereavement.

The First Kusuma Husada International Nursing Conference (hereinafter referred to as The 1st Sada Inference) is the conference particularly in nursing field that will be held annually, every year. The 1st Sada Inference theme is “Holistic Nursing to Improve Palliative Nursing Care’s Quality”. This conference will focus on Holistic nursing research directed towards its impact on clinical practice and outcomes, through oral, and poster resentation, educational workshop sessions and influential seminar.