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The Lawu Park

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The Lawu Park is one of the tourist attractions located at the foot of Lawu Mount, the location is very beautiful with the cool air. Besides, it is supported by natural scenery and hills that make a better view of The Lawu Park. Lawu Mount and a row of Tawangmangu pine forests also decorate the panorama of the road and the area of ​​this place. The law park carries the concept of a complete tour to fulfill the tourists need. The main concept is Recreation, Resort and Resto, and other supporting tourism facilities. When you are on vacation and traveling, you can also enjoy some culinary while staying in one location.

Cetho Temple

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Cetho Temple is one of the tourist destinations in the form of temples on the slopes of Lawu Mount. This Hindu-style temple is estimated to be built during the Majapahit kingdom. It is located at 1496 masl (meters above the sea level), it is one of high temples in Indonesia. The Cetho temple area is a courtyard where the scenery is very amazing. Hindu tourists can pray in this place which will be guided by a guide, there is provided incenses as one of the prayer requirements. When Tourists visit this temple, they will get two things at once namely historical-cultural tourism and mountain nature tourism.


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Jejamon is one of the tourist destinations themed about herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is one of Indonesia’s superior products which has been long believed to improve our health traditionally. Jejamon is commonly called a herbal medicine house, there are many medicinal plants that are very beneficial for our health. Beside enjoying the scenery and fresh air, tourists can also see and learn about medicinal plants directly and be able to taste various herbal concoctions provided here.